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Make Gastown Great Again

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We’re having a party. A big one.

It’s the thirteenth anniversary of the Gastown shop, and after thirteen years of watching the neighbourhood change around us, we decided it was time to relive the glory days. The days when Gastown was rough-n-tumble instead of designer-chic. When there were no hip taco bars, no glitzy furniture stores, no Kit and Ace … just a scrappy little barbershop and the shoe store next door. Store veterans might remember those parties, affairs that would shut down Abbott street and strip surrounding beer stores of their stock. We’re not going that big … yet… But we’re recapturing the ghost of Gastown past, and we want you to come—and bring friends.


Make Gastown Great Again Party Details


At 8pm on Thursday, May 18th, the shop’s doors will reopen. Chairs will be moved. Records will be spinning, courtesy of DJ Plan and DJ Shit La Merde. Granville Island beer will be flowing. And on the walls? We are excited to host the neo-expressionist work of Vancouver artist, Jean Paul Langlois. Acid eyed cowboys staring down sprawling landscapes of pink and blue. Polka dot apes and patterned steeds.

His paintings are hyper-colourful daydreams inspired by Spaghetti Westerns, samurai tragedies and Planet of the Apes. JP’s work will hang for a month—the exhibition is kicking off in tandem with our anniversary party. This way you can convince yourself that partying on a Thursday is fine because you’re really just being cultured. If you can’t make the party (which is tragic, consider cancelling your other plans), you’ll be able to see his unique paintings while getting a cut until June 18th.

As the clock strikes 11pm, we won’t turn you into a pumpkin, but we will shoo you into the neighbourhood to host your own after-party. Ski-ball at the Met, anybody?

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